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March 18, 2014

A Primer on Locks, Blocks and Deadlocks

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Lock, block and deadlock are three related terms in SQL Server. They have a specific meaning and are often confused with each other. I hope to clear them up here.

(I’m using a new visual format. This means you RSS readers will have to come by and see it in person.)

But There’s One More Thing…

As long as I’m experimenting with visual formats, check out the same content in another medium.
The Locking Primer Presentation

More On This

This was just a primer. The best resource page remains Kendra Little’s Locking and Blocking in SQL Server.


  1. Why did I pick this content?
    My parents recently found out that I made a webcast and posted it on Youtube. They watched the whole 15 minutes. Not for any database lessons, but to watch how I spoke. I couldn’t help but put myself in their shoes. They would have needed the smallest introduction in order to get something out of the webcast. That small introduction is what you see here.

    Why these new formats?
    A number of reasons, and not just novelty.

    Jonathan Corum is a science graphics editor at the New York Times (That’s what I want to be when I grow up). Jonathan gave a talk called “the Weight of Rain” at a visualized conference and he sums it up here. I loved the format of slides-on-the-left, notes-on-the-right and I wanted to try it out.

    The other visual format is the presentation. I remember the first time I saw Prezi. I was impressed. It was just a vector image combined with panning/zooming and scrolling. Then I found out about RaphaelJS. Prezi is to RaphaelJS as WordPress is to HTML. The first is easy to use, but the second is only limited by imagination. With some programming skills, RaphaelJS lets me code whatever is in my head.

    Comment by Michael J. Swart — March 18, 2014 @ 8:53 am

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