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April 22, 2009

More SQL Server Jargon

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In this post, I mentioned some of the more interesting acronyms or abbreviations that I’ve come across like:

  • Upsert
  • SARGable
  • HOBT and

Here’s a few other interesting ones that I forgot to mention:

  • SProc : Short for stored procedure. I like this one, it’s fun to say out loud. The term is pretty ubiquitous, but I still make a conscious effort to say stored procedure when dealing with folks who might not know the term.
  • (S)GAM: These stand for (Shared) Global Allocation Map. You’ll come across these only if you’re really really interested in the guts of SQL Server. Thankfully, I’ve never felt the need to try to prounounce it.
  • CRUD: Stands for Create/Read/Update/Delete. These terms are analogous to INSERT/SELECT/UPDATE/DELETE respectively. I kind of like using the term, especially on grumpy days, but I use the DML acronym more often.
  • LOB (or better BLOB): This stands for (Binary) Long OBject. I can’t imagine how I missed this one the first go around. I love this acronym. Mostly because a blob is a great metaphor for what a Binary Long Object is.

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