Michael J. Swart

November 10, 2009

About Me, Michael J. Swart

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Microsoft Certifications

I’m a Database Developer working in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. On top of that, I often find myself doing Database Administration and Business Intelligence. The thing about work that I love the most is solving technical problems. As a Database Developer, I get to design databases and tune SQL so that an application makes the best use of its database given the hardware that’s available.

I love working for this stuff and so I’ve also turned it into a hobby: this blog. In my spare time, I write and draw and the results are the weekly articles you see here.

You can reach me a couple ways. Try me on twitter: @MJSwart.

But maybe you have a comment or question that’s longer than 140 characters. Or maybe just want to say hi, you can email me at my gmail account at mjswart@gmail.com

Or leave an anonymous comment here.

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